Friday, May 17, 2019

Wellness Fair 2019

Good afternoon, Wildcats!
       I just wanted to share a few photos from this year's Wellness Fair, as well as a video to give you ideas for making an obstacle course of your own. Thank you so much to all of you who were able to join us for the fun and sweat :)

 Getting our groove on at Zumba!

Utilizing a FREE app called Nike Training Club, for at-home workouts  

Even Wilson joined the fun! 

Obstacle course starting line  

Some of our 5th grade boys competing against the OSU woman basketball players 

Wilson was one of two schools to win the Oregon School Wellness Award this year! Way to go, Wildcats!

        This is an obstacle course I set up for my nephew, and he loved trying to beat his previous time :) An obstacle course is a really easy, inexpensive way to keep your Wildcat active and entertained for an evening. Try one out in your own backyard!

Hope you can get out in the rain this weekend for some exercise!

Miss Stone

Friday, March 8, 2019

Winter Heart Health

Great job Wildcats!

      You all stepped up to the challenge and kept your body moving for the entire Fun Run! That was hard work, but it is really good for us to push our bodies to their limit. I'm guessing some of you woke up a little bit sore the next day - I certainly did!

      After working hard for the Fun Run, we started our volleyball unit which has been a blast. I love watching the students catch on to skills that are unfamiliar.

      As we move our way through winter, I always observe a little bit of a dip in our cardiovascular endurance, based on our PACER test scores. If you want to know more about the PACER test, you can check out my previous post titled "PACER - what's that!" Even though the weather doesn't always cooperate, it is still so important to get our bodies the exercise they need every day. How much exercise do we need every day? Check out this link to see what the CDC suggests -

     The Wilson Wellness Calendars are a great way to see how on track you are with reaching these goals. Tracking activity level can be a very eye-opening experience and highly motivating.

     Mr. Beasley was telling me about an activity he did with his family to motivate some movement. He called it the Fro-Yo Challenge - he challenged his girls to run four laps around the track at Linus Pauling, and then he took them to get frozen yogurt. Try it out with your Wildcat! Thanks for checking in!

Miss Stone


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Winter Hockey

Hi Wildcats!

            For the past few weeks we've been embracing this cold weather and practicing our hockey skills :)  The students have been learning the proper grip, stick handling, passing, and shooting. * POP QUIZ - have your Wildcat show you how to hold a hockey stick *

              Hockey was always one of my favorite units in PE when I was growing up, and the students really seem to be enjoying it. We have seen a great deal of improvement since the beginning of the unit. We started game play this week - we are just doing 1 vs. 1 games which really gives students an opportunity to work on their puck handling skills.
                The other excitement of this week was getting to try out climbing the rope. This is a challenge! Most of the Wildcats are still working to increase their muscular strength enough to climb the rope, but a few students from each class were able to reach the top. Tree climbing is a great way to practice for this challenge and build muscular strength. Thanks for checking in! Have a great long weekend!

Miss Stone

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Happy Wednesday Wildcats!

       This week and last week we are jumping like crazy :) We had the Ropebusters here at Wilson on Monday after Thanksgiving break. The Ropebusters are a group of about 75 elementary and middle school students who work diligently to perfect and perform a variety of long and short jump rope skills. They came over to Wilson two days this week for workshops during PE classes and a performance. They travel all over Oregon helping students learn jump rope skills, so that students have another tool to become more heart-healthy!

Ropebusters performing at Wilson...
         This is such a great and unique opportunity we have here at Wilson! Students worked in groups of two or three with a Ropebuster. The primary grades focused mainly on long jump rope, while the intermediate grades worked on short jump rope skills and tricks. Wildcats, you did AWESOME!
Jump rope is a great activity for the winter months - no outdoor gear required and minimal space needed! It is a great cardio workout, and there are so many tricks to learn!

Have a great rest of your week!

Miss Stone

Friday, November 16, 2018


Happy Friday Wildcats!

        We tried something completely new to all of us this week in PE. Golf! Trysting Tree Golf Club purchased a children's golf curriculum to circulate around to all of the elementary schools in the district, in order to introduce students to a sport which many of them have not experienced. This unit created quite the learning curve for our students!

         The first lesson we worked on putting, and the second lesson we tried our hand at a basic stroke with a driver. The equipment is adapted for children, to make their opportunity for success much greater. We had a great time if nothing else :)

          Trysting Tree is also offering $5 rounds of golf to our elementary students - take advantage of that great deal! They will also set you up with some kids clubs to use for free.

Thanks for checking in!

Miss Stone

Friday, November 9, 2018

Timbers in the making...

Hi there Wildcats!

       We just wrapped up our soccer unit today!

       Team sports can be a little bit unnerving for students if they haven't been involved in those activities outside of school.

         Fortunately, there exist a variety of methods to make sure each student experiences some level of success.  Small-sided games are one of the best methods for ensuring that PE is not dominated by those with a higher level of skill in a given activity. A small-sided game is one in which the rules or environment is modified.

         For example, we played some 1 vs 1 games to get students used to controlling the ball. We also played 3 vs. 3 with four potential goals for each team and no goalies. These small-sided games create an environment where players are able to get more quality touches on the ball, more experience in all phases of the game, and a higher degree of enjoyment and success. I love these small-sided games because, although the game is modified, it still provides students with the fundamental and tactical skills required for the activity.

Check out the link to see a small-sided game example -

         The past few weeks, we covered dribbling, trapping, turns, passing, kicking, and shielding. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Rain Rain Go Away

Hey Wildcats!

          As the weather starts to get yucky on us, I just wanted to share a few fun physical activity links with you - these are perfect for when you have a limited amount of space, the weather is nasty, or you just want to switch things up. These are fun videos to do at home as a family!


Waka Waka

What does the fox say?

What makes you beautiful

Can't stop the feeling

          I also like to use a FREE app called Sworkit. There is a great kid version of this too - Sworkit Kids! This app will give you 30 second intervals of exercises, based on type of exercise - agility, strength, and flexibility. You could utilize this app anywhere - when you are waiting to be seated at a restaurant,  if you arrive early to an appointment with your kids, when you just need 5 minutes to yourself, etc. My nieces and nephews LOVE to exercise with me when I use the adult version of this app (Sworkit), so I was excited when I found the kid version. Apps like this are an easy way to incorporate more physical activity into your family's daily routines. Check it out! Thanks for checking in!

Miss Stone